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Each hemp variety name in the catalog is accompanied by a brief or detailed description. For a novice, these characteristics often mean nothing. Inattention, lack of knowledge and inability to navigate varietal characteristics lead to an unsuccessful experience with marijuana.
What do descriptive numbers and terms mean by variety cannabis flower? They indicate the size and effectiveness of the bush, the type of exposure to the human body and the approximate yield, subject to the rules for growing cannabis.
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Hemp sizes
Height, and sometimes width weed flower, reports the amount of space that needs to be allocated for a landing unit. Too close arrangement of plants will not allow them to develop in full force, because of which the harvest will suffer.

Flowering period of grass
photoperiod auto-flowers
Photoperiodic plants bloom with shortening of daylight and at the end of the growing season was ebb and flow cannabis bloom a few weeks after germination without reference flower power cannabis to daily lighting and do it repeatedly during the season.

We recommend that you pay attention to:

  • individual characteristics of a particular variety;
  • the country of manufacture;
  • effect on the body;
  • intensity and duration of action of each variety.

In addition, by the growth, it is possible to evaluate the suitability of this variety for growing in a grow box or for use in partisan plantations.